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Besurence Headlice is a very effective spray application to be used when suffering from headlice. The product is fully efficient not only against the actual headlice but also against their eggs. Unlike other products, Besurence Headlice does not contain any pesticides or other chemical toxins, the active ingredient in our product is a silicone that suffocates the headlice + eggs.


Besurence Headlice works in a different way to conventional insecticides for head lice. Instead of poisoning the parasites by chemical means, the dimethicone in the Besurence pump spray works by physically coating and smothering the lice. Head lice cannot become resistant to Besurence Headlice because it works in this physical way.


The spray is suitable for children from 6 months and older. One time use, but can be repeated after 7 days.


  • No pesticides, no toxins
  • Effect against lice + eggs
  • Including free comb
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On February 10, 2017

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