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Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease is the most spread food intolerance worldwide, one out of 200 is infected. Celiac disease is a digestive disease, people who suffer from it cannot tolerate the protein gluten in their food. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley (pasta, cakes, beer, bread etc.), any uptake of the protein causes damage to the small intestine. As a consequence, people who suffer from gluten intolerance but do not know about it, become malnourished, no matter how much they eat.

Typical symptoms for an existing celiac disease are abdominal bloating and pain, especially after consuming gluten-containing food, vomiting, chronic diarrhea and weight loss. The only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet that must strictly be kept a life long.

Diagnosis by Besurence:

Besurence Gluten Intolerance is a simple rapid diagnostic blood test that detects antibodies to anti-tissue-transglutaminase (anti ttg IgA), antibodies that are specific to celiac disease, in a blood sample from the fingertip. The test is easy to handle, contains everything needed for test performance and can be done either at home or by a healthcare professional.

Product Specification:

  • Test cassette can be used at home with a small drop of fingertip blood
  • Qualitative detection of antibodies to anti-tissue-transglutaminase (anti-tTG-IgA),
    antibodies that are specific to celiac disease
  • Time to result: 5-15 minutes
  • Accuracy: 96%
  • 10-27°C for 24 months

Test Procedure:

  1. Get your blood sample.
  2. Mix your sample with the provided diluent and give a few drops this mixture onto the sample well of the test cassette. Wait 5-15 minutes.
  3. Read results.
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